"who’s that?" "oh, that’s just my husband…"

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guys, check out this blog for one shots, imagines, etc. and always free to request!! :)

no, it can be about anything :) x

okay, maybe a few days okay? :) xx

can i have a one shot with josh please? my name's joanne! :)

sure, any plot idea? :) xx

Hello! Can I have a one shot with George, please? My name is Sara :)

of course, Sara! :) xx

Like a one shot please sorry totally forgot to add that in, what do you need to know :)? xxxx

yes of course! just tell me your name :) xxx

Can I have an Imagine with Josh please?? xxx

do you mean a picture imagine, or like a story imagine (one shot)? xxx

you can request preferences, imagine, one shots, stories, photos, photo sets, ships, whatever you want and i’ll make them RIGHT NOW